Afghanistan. The center of Kabul exploded. At least 19 people died

At least 19 people were killed and dozens injured in an explosion in the Afghan capital, Kabul. According to police, it was a suicide attack when the attacker blew himself up near an educational facility.

The attack took place near a university, which was holding exams at the time of the attack and the room was full. Dozens of people were injured, many of whom were taken to the Mohammad Ali Jinnah hospital in the capital.

– I was sitting on a chair when the explosion happened. I heard an explosion and saw many broken bones in the air. People are panicking, some are sick and some are crying. Ahmed Javid, a witness to the incident, said:

“I helped him, I helped move the body. “

The death toll is so great that the Taliban won’t allow us to take pictures.

Many people were injured Kabul police said the official death toll was 19 dead and 27 injured, but the death toll could rise as some of the victims were seriously injured. Most residents of the western region, where the outbreak broke out, are Hazaras, a Shiite minority that has been targeted by attacks along with ISIS.

No one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack and police have not released details about the attackers.

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