Are there any nice areas in Afghanistan


Are there modern cities in Afghanistan?

Although the history of cities on Afghan territory has been long and rich, modern Afghanistan is nevertheless among the least urbanized countries in Asia. The portion of the population living in cities was estimated at 10-11 percent of the settled population in 1352 Š./1973 (Grötzbach, 1979, p. 10) and at about 14 percent in the census of 1358 Š./1979, which was, however, not completed for the entire country (Table 47; Grötzbach, 1986, p. 76); almost half of these city dwellers lived in Kabul, the capital. Since 1359 Š./1980, the flight of millions of Afghans, not only out of the country but also to relatively secure cities like Kabul and Mazār-e Šarīf, has been reflected in a sharp increase in the level of urbanization. In 1366 Š./1987, city dwellers were unoffi­cially estimated at nearly a third of the population of Afghanistan.

What is the average age of marriage in Afghanistan?

The minimum age for marriage in Afghanistan is 16 or 15, well below the international norm of 18 years. These marriages are often arranged to strengthen tribal and family ties and are also part of debt repayment. Wealthy people and poor families often sell their daughters for large dowries. The average age of marriage for Afghan women is not yet 18 but is rising. But it remains low compared to other parts of the world.

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