Sexual violence against women in Afghanistan under the Taliban regime

Meir, a graduate of Kabul University, 24 years old, from India. He said he wanted to use a digital photo, but some people won’t be able to use it.

He shared this photo with a woman who wanted to marry the Taliban in Afghanistan in August 2021. He said that the circumstances caused him to commit suicide every day. She wedi yen herny dicekel, herny bakal dipateni.

Ancaman langti wanita wise umum ing afghan saiki. Para panyengkuyung korban ujar manawa sexual violence is on the rise in the Taliban regime and in favor of women who are used or available to her.

The Globe and Mail have interviewed a number of Afghan women fighting gender-based violence since the Taliban took power, and local journalists are also talking about women’s issues. All of this reflects the poor situation of women in the past year. Earth or ngenali hernye kanthi najam lengkap amarga alasan keamanan.

For Afghan women, “or ana tenang tanpa perang,” said Ayesha Jehangir, a researcher at the Universitas Teknologi Sydney perang lan konflik ing in Sydney.

Dr. Jehangir, a Pashtun, says that some Pashtuns based on Afrika Kidul’s gender asalé saka social norms are called Pashtunwali, kang ana pavivu wilayah diowahi langgii Islam ing abad kaping 7. langti mbenerake ubangana hanabana. Dr. Jehangir ujar manawa wanita sings languyen khuletsya based on gender often dianiaya manh dening komunitase, kanthi eymango komunitas nyalahake seksual marang wanita iniwa.

Penekanan Taliban babagan persadapan Pashtunwara manawa wanita minangan propriti wisdom mukakan kesetaraan wanita lan kesetaraan wanita lan makita violence repeatedly, added Dr. Jehangir added. Rezim initua mbatalake langang ng hak-hak wanita sing dienalake ing taun 2009, iik Undhang-undhang Penghapusan Kekerasan marang Wanita. Hukum iniwa dindini para korban nglaporake nglaporaka lan nuntut pelikan.

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In September 2021, the Taliban shut down Kamentrian Wanita. Ing tejaskane iik Kementrian Promosi Kebecikan lan Deputi Pengabara, Polisi Moralitas Taliban.

Dr. Jehangir

The Afghan Wanita interviewed by the Globe described the extreme violence perpetrated by the Taliban.

Wong wadon umur 25 taun ujar manawa harnyi dadi nyonya mantan mantan ompanyari pakistani paviku taliban takku kuwasa. Saiki ora ana pelihan kajaba dadi budak seks langti wong wise singing nikah tanpa wates. Her Kandha reassures her, she will kill her and her family.

Wartawan umur 33 taun sing kampini langgi kesetaraan jender ing Kabul ing Desember told Globe yen telu kamane dictran samparat, disiksa lan dirudopekso dening otifisi Taliban. Wanita initua dibebasake after a few months, the reporter said. But, he died to meneng utawa video rudo pekso – bisa uga paukuman pati – bakal dirilis.

The journalist also confirmed through friends in Afghanistan that eight women brutally raped by the Taliban in January in Mazar-e-Sharif were later killed by their families. The women were arrested, stripped, beaten, electrocuted and raped several times, he said. Fearing she was pregnant, her family killed her to protect the family’s honor.

According to sources who spoke to the Globe, Afghan women were killed in a variety of ways, including beheading, burning, hanging, stabbing, strangling, shooting and electrocuting. A 21-year-old bride, who was blackmailed by a man who threatened to kill her, told her father she was not a girl and wrote that she feared being buried alive.

According to Afghan women’s rights defender Mahbooba Seraj, Afghan women live in fear of genocide.

“A woman can die at any moment”.

Survivors have little place to hide. According to a report by Amnesty International, the Taliban looted and closed women’s shelters. Some survivors are said to have been forced to return to the families of their attackers, while others went into hiding; others were held in Pul-e-Charhi prison near Kabul for “indecent behaviour”.

A 28-year-old former employee of the women’s ministry in Baghlan province, northeastern Afghanistan, said she continues to work to help women who have experienced violence. But nothing can be done about the closed sanctuary. She said that her husband had brutally beaten and raped her, and that the attacks had become more frequent and brutal since the Taliban came to power.

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Marital sexual violence is common in Afghanistan. A 2021 study by the Afghan Ministry of Women found that 40% of women in Afghanistan’s Kandahar province have experienced sexual violence, and more than 60% of women across the country have been married without their consent.

Mariam Saeed Anwar, an Afghan refugee now living in Vancouver, said she was burned and tortured by her husband before fleeing.

Even though I was lying on the ground in pain and bleeding, he slapped me in the face and pulled my nails with heavy pliers,” he said.

Multiple sources told the Globe that the Taliban are not even interested in killings in internal disputes. A former Afghan government official said his neighbor killed another man and took his wife. The Globe did not name the officials because they feared retaliation by the Taliban.

Doctors said the Taliban had also created a list of unmarried girls, some as young as nine, who were forced into marriage by their fathers. The Jehangir family lives in fear, as many Afghans are willing to give up their neighbors’ daughters to please the Taliban.

“People hide their real daughter”.

Mia Blum, a Canadian expert on gender-based violence at Georgia State University in Atlanta, said women in Afghanistan are dismayed and distressed.

The only opportunity for Afghan women is to combine humanitarian funding with Western countries and improve security for Afghan women, otherwise “we will lose an entire generation of women”.

The Afghan women interviewed by the Globe said they suffered unilateral violence and were unarmed. Many people blame themselves for being sick.

“I love my country, but I have aspirations and I have aspirations,” Meir said.

– Culture doesn’t allow me to be me… I hate myself now.

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