The sheriff said goodbye to the officers with “phone sex”.

A 20-year-old police officer has been fired after allegedly “having sex on the phone” with a trainee officer and sending “indecent” text messages to another intern after being arrested. Senior police warning.

The disciplinary team found that the officer committed three offenses between April 2021 and May 2022 due to an inappropriate relationship with officers under his direct supervision.

The sergeant, who has not been identified, pleaded not guilty and did not attend a hearing at Winfrith’s force headquarters after resigning in August 2022.

Legally Eligible President Deni Matthews imposed an order of anonymity to prevent the officer’s name from being identified “to protect the welfare of the officer’s family.”

He considered the officer’s actions inappropriate, saying the officer’s actions “undermine the credibility of the police department”, adding, “This man is a member of the police team.” and that affected his career.”

He added: “We have concluded that the only way to maintain public trust in the police is if this officer does not resign, we will fire him immediately.”

Commenting on the police offense, Ian Darcy said: “On June 25, 2021, on the recommendation of a senior officer, an officer with the immediate supervisory team had an affair. unsuitable for one student, he went on to form a healthy emotional relationship with two other students on his team.

From June 1, 2021, to May 31, 2022, public employees, students, public employees, public employees A.

This officer sent inappropriate, flirtatious, and unprofessional text messages.

Constable A has a lower rank and status than Constable A and has direct supervisory responsibilities over him.

Also, he said he was experiencing domestic abuse at the time and that a staff member knew about it.

From April 13, 2021, to May 26, 2022, Officer B had an inappropriate relationship with Student Officer B.

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This officer sent inappropriate, flirtatious, and unprofessional text messages.

Officer B has the rank and status of Officer B’s subordinates and has direct supervisory responsibility for Officer B.”

Mr. Darcy said Officer A told investigators “the messages were initially friendly and flirtatious but then turned sexual”.

He added that Officer A was considered “at risk” because she had filed a domestic violence complaint against her ex-partner, and Officer A was aware of it and had “said to guard” her at the time.

Mr. Darcy added that he had stopped sending pictures to another friend and said it “could be very embarrassing”, adding: “We have such a phone”.

Officer A also described how he returned to the officer’s house after a night out and agreed with him.

Mr. Darcy said that about four weeks after Officer B joined the squad, the officer started sending him text messages saying “sweetheart” and air kisses.

He added: “She felt that the texting was an attempt to limit the flirting. Officer B made no secret of his flirting with Officer B and told her several times to get her attention. notice his feelings for her.”

Mr. Darcy said the officer also sent a flirty message to a third officer, identified as C, who also kissed him in the garage of his home.

“He almost got caught by his son and he thought he was crying, but a few weeks after his moral breakthrough, a wake-up call, he was playing with officers A and B,” he said.

In a statement read to the court, the 20-year-old police officer apologized for his actions and said he was “disappointed“.