Two brothers make millions selling “sobbing” stories from girls on their webcams to desperate men

Callows Tristan and Andrew Tate run a studio where players can play with thousands of men who think they’re having an affair with a girl and admit they’re “cheating,” but the authorities can’t stop them. block them.

Two brothers have built a multimillion-dollar webcam website where people trade their fortunes when they fall in love with fake modeling apps.

Callows Tristan and Andrew Tate acknowledged the deal was a “complete fraud” but said authorities were unable to stop it. He claims to run a studio where 75 lingerie-clad models take calls from fans and get paid $4 a minute.

Players can request personal sharing and tips “at your own risk”.

Tristan said one man went away with £20,000, while others were left with huge debts. And the kickboxing brothers – who grew up in council houses – sit back and wait for the money to pour in.

Tristan, 33, and Andrew, 35, own 22 cars, including a Bugatti, Rolls-Royce, Ferrari, two Lamborghinis and a £650,000 Aston Martin Valhalla.

They each had their own private jet and were photographed with guns, while Andrew, 35, was pictured counting money while starring in the 2016 TV series Big Brother.

Some of his clients think they can make a real connection with the women they see on screen.

But Tristan blatantly told the Sunday Mirror that “it was all a lie”, boasting that he didn’t feel guilty because “nobody cared” and “that’s their problem, not mine”.

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The brothers grew up in Luton and set up their first webcam studio in a two-bedroom flat in Bedfordshire ten years ago.

Three years later, Britain “falls” and moves to Romania. You have women on many shady sites. Executives get a 40% cut and studios keep the rest.

The more players contribute, the more models they get. Some women say they have a lot of college debt, family members need private healthcare or dream of moving to the UK – and sometimes they want to meet men.

Whatever the reason, it’s a lie,” Tristan said. He believes he has no right of access due to two provisions of the law.

He said, “One of the broadcasts is “just for fun”. The model doesn’t always say that she has a sick dog or a sick grandmother. Second, the model’s money is “Thank you volunteers. Because of the airtime.”

Solicitor Paul Hampson, owner of CEL Solicitors in Liverpool, said UK law had not kept pace with the technology that allowed for seamless communication and quick access to online banking.

Regarding the complaint, T&C said, “If they offer other incentives and expand their online presence, then this is not true.

The term of the contract must be sufficient. You can’t write a sentence on a page and say, “everything we do is good.”

One of the models he brought to Bucharest was Chloe, Andrew said. Viewers say he’s in London, which makes him look more British.

Andrew added: “Four bucks a minute to keep the company alive is good business, but they make real money because men love them, believe their fake stories and pay their bills. thousand dollars to get them noticed.”

“Even though their private faces are sleeping, the girls backstage are still using ‘Chloe’ on their phones and checking in with their ‘friends’.

“This is completely untrue. The model just put her hands on the keyboard. Behind me is a real professional who speaks good English, attracts people and can find names for dogs.

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– People go online to ask “How’s Sparklet?” they say. It’s a professional activity designed to seduce people. “

Tristan says that for the British model, 80% of the money comes from the British, and for the Slovakian model, 80% comes from the US.

He said he once tried to stop someone from spending £20,000 of his inheritance on Chloe, but refused when the player returned a few weeks later and gave the money to another woman.

A man who gives his all,” he said. “I saw someone selling a car and a TV. Chloe’s grandmother has passed away and she is waiting to sell the house. If the house is sold, she promises Chloe that she will have £20,000 to buy it thanks to her help. issue fake currency. .

We have a phone number. I’ve only been in this industry for a year. I called him. I said, “Hi, my name is Tristan Tate, and I know you used my free cam.” com Let me tell you, Chloe works in her own studio. No financial problems, save £20,000. “I gave such advice.

They thanked me. They removed the username from the site.” But the following week, the man went elsewhere and Tristan told staff to “take what you have“.

Tristan said he is “running a legitimate business and if it’s abused that’s the problem.”

He added: “Addiction to a beautiful woman thinking she might love you, that addiction is real. I watched him crush her to death.

When the money ran out, he became aggressive and angry, and the model realized he wasn’t going to move to Utah to live in a trailer together.

Man spends thousands of dollars shaking models via webcam

Women can also be rich. Jessica, 29, from London, who works for the brothers, said some men have paid “thousands of dollars” to hide their implants.

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He currently works for OnlyFans, a company where users pay for content and earn £10,000 a month.

I feel guilty when men love me,” admits Jessica, a former bathroom designer who lives between Romania and the UK.

A note on the myfreecams website reads: “Tipping is a gift…if you have a special request for a model, talk to her and maybe invite her to a private event. …tipping is at your own risk!

Action Fraud sources say there have been multiple reports of “women asking for financial help on the web“.

A government representative said: “The provision of false information for the purpose of financial gain by fraud is a violation of the Fraud Act 2006.

“To improve protection, we’re introducing new online safety laws that require social media companies to proactively combat fraud on their platforms.”