Who Supplies Taliban Arms in 2022?

There are several theories as to who supplies the Taliban with weapons. The U.S., Italy and Iran have all been mentioned. But who else is involved? Let’s look at a few of the possibilities. For starters, the Taliban may be able to keep A-29s flying, or cannibalize spare parts from Humvees. But how do they get such sophisticated weapons? Read on to find out.

U.S. Supplies Taliban Arms

Afghanistan’s ministry of defense has posted pictures of seven new helicopters in Kabul – aircraft delivered by the U.S. – in a bid to boost its military capabilities. The Taliban have taken over most of Afghanistan in recent weeks, seizing weapons and communications gear, and military drones. But there is evidence that the Taliban is receiving additional arms from outside the country. In fact, some analysts suggest that the U.S. could be the source of this supply.

In April, the U.S. handed over a fleet of Black Hawk helicopters to the Afghan National Security Forces. President Ashraf Ghani also requested additional aircraft. But the weapons could be misused by other militant groups or by their adversaries. It’s unclear how much of that equipment has been captured by the Taliban. Photos and video footage of the sweeping of Kabul, Afghanistan, show militants with rifles, sniper rifles, M2.50 machine guns, and a wide variety of other military gear. Even military vehicles like Humvees are seen in the videos and photos.

Italy Supplies Taliban Arms

The Italian government has supplied the Taliban with weapons. During the last year alone, Italy supplied 16 G-222 transport aircraft to the Taliban. These aircraft were purchased from Italy and modernized there before being shipped to Afghanistan. The United States financed the purchase of these aircraft. The Italian government is attempting to ensure that no weapons made by these planes are transferred to other militant groups. In the meantime, the Italian government is trying to complete the transfer as quickly as possible.

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It is important to remember that despite the collapse of the Afghan government, Italy continued to supply the Taliban with major arms. During the last round of airlifts, Italy supplied significant numbers of small arms, light weapons, and other weapons to the Taliban. But this is only a fraction of what was sent to the Afghan government. The United States and Germany provided another $4 billion in arms to the Taliban, and Italy supplied a further $19 billion in small arms and ammunition.

Iran Supplies Taliban Arms

Iranian weapons aren’t the only source of Afghan conflict in recent months. The Taliban have been supplying their own forces with small arms and night-vision devices for years. They are also reportedly able to fly A-29s and cannibalize spare parts from Humvees. The latest acquisition of US-made weapons is one of the most significant in recent memory. But how do these weapons benefit the Taliban? And how will the Taliban respond to US-made weapons?

The international community has been spending millions of dollars on the cross-border security between Iran and Afghanistan. However, there are some concerns about Iran’s continued support for the Taliban. In particular, the Taliban have a history of acquiring American weapons. However, there are signs that Iran is expanding its arms supply, and its newfound ally in the region is the Taliban. While there have been rumors of Iranian support for the Taliban, it is unlikely to be decisive in the current conflict.